How to Get Free Adventure Coins in Aqworld

How to Get Free Adventure Coins in Aqworld

Ill show how to get some free ac’s in AQW.

how can you get some free adventure coins? 

ill tell you how first is:

by going to ballyhoo in the game and view ads tell you get adventure coin you may only view 10 a day and get get 5 adventure coins as prize and may not have any adventure quest its 10% drop

second is by downloading and installing adventure quest world tool bar.

you have 1 adventure coin after 10 searches with tool bar.

and you only can get 3 adventure coins per day after 30 searches with tool bar.

and the last way is by hacking which i do not recommend or you:

download battle on points generator it gives you free battle on points in master account which you can transfer to adventure coins you can download it in 


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